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a burning apartment building. happened south of los angeles. officials say one officer had second degree burns. a neighbor says he used his own ladder to try to pull the man out before crews arrived. the guy got stuck in the window. police say he's now in critical condition. >>> tennessee. the owner of a marina says a fire caused about a million dollars worth of damage to dozens of boats and part of his dock. he says the flames burned about 60 boats, some of them completely destroyed. police say faulty battery probably started the fire. that's a fox watch across america. >> shep: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news and the republican and presidential candidate, mitt romney, keeping the partisan attacks with his competitor for the president to a minimum today. both sides agreed. they say it's out of respect for the victims of 9-11. but the race for the presidency really never sleeps. today the president's top campaign strategist, david axelrod, went after governor romney, as well as one of the governor's biggest supporters.
up in los angeles. >> that is an embarrassing admonition that u.s. officials knew the criminals were smuggling guns to mexico, they could have been stopped but were not. basically they allowed the investigation to override or overshadow public safety. the parts of the inspector general's report that we have obtained places blame on three atf supervisor bill knewle and others. their lawyers say the parts of the report are inaccurate and unfair, that these agents in phoenix kept the tap brass in washington informed of the tactics and the number of weapons that they let go. newel's calls it a impartial analysis while another says it was drafted in a, quote, pseudo academic vacuum that ignores weak gun laws and inept u.s. attorney. another point of disagrees, how fast and furious began. the report suggests it was devised and carried out by these rogue agents in phoenix. those agents say it's not true. this was a top down strategy borne in washington in 2009 as part of an overall southwest border security strategy. so the full report is expected to be hundreds of pages long and we only s
largest city. the los angeles city council approved a plan to build a new stadium in doubt los angeles. it would seat 72,000. cost an estimated 1.2 billion, no nfl team is in los angeles at the moment. both the radars -- raiders and the rams left the city after the 94 season. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. this the bottom of the hour and time for fox top story. intelligence sources telling fox news there were serious security problems at the consulate of benghazi before this month's attack. gunmen killed four americans, including our u.s. ambassador in that assault on the consulate on november the 119 catherine herridge has this. she is live from washington tonight. what were the security flaws, cath rib? >> shep, a former regional security officer who worked for the state department in the middle east telling fox that the u.s. consulate had to be classified as a, quote, critical threat terrorism or civil unrest posting. what follows from that classification are specific physical security standards, which include reinforce windows and doors. gragd is only accessible for the
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duncan has died. he is best known for his role in the green mile. he died in a los angeles hospital where he had been suffering since a heart attack in july. that's according to his fiancee who became famous on donald trump show the apprentice. he was 6'5", 300 pounds and appeared in dozens of age in films including armageddon and planet of the apes. in 99 he scored oscar nomination playing a prisoner in the 1930s. michael clark duncan dead today at 54. humans -- sometimes life trips us up. and sometimes, we trip ourselves up, but that's okay. at liberty mutual insurance we can "untrip" you as you go through your life with personalized policies and discounts when you need them most. just call... and speak with a licensed representative about saving on your policy when you get married, move into a new house... [crash!] or add a car to your policy. don't forget to ask about saving up to 10% when you combine your auto d home insurance wi liberty mutual. security, coverage, and savings. all the things humans need to make our beautifully imperfect world a little lesimperfect. call... and lock
. he died in a los angeles hospital where he had been suffering since a heart attack in july. that's according to his fiancee who became famous on donald trump show the apprentice. he was 6'5", 300 pounds and appeared in dozens of age in films including armageddon and planet of the apes. in 99 he scored oscar nomination playing a prisoner in the 1930s. michael clark duncan dead today at 54. [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin? challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. regenerist micro-sculpting serum for firmer skin in 5 days. pretty heavy lifting for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else mes standard at libertymutual.com. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> shepard: happening now in new orleans, the president is speaking to some homeowners and ot
with camp romney in los angeles this afternoon. carl, the governor made a pitch to latino voters out there today. how did that go? >> well, shep, california is not exactly a state that california has much hope of winning. latino vote is h.i.v.ly tilted toward president obama. mitt romney aggressively and with a fairly cordial reception to latinos today wept after president obama making the point as a candidate then senator obama made all sort of promises to make immigration reform a priority. in romney's assessment of things today before the latino audience the hispanic's chamber of commerce 33rd convention he said those are promises barack obama didn't even keep. watch. >> the president never even offered up a bill. like some issues confronting our nation, when it comes to immigration, politics have been put ahead of people for far too long. >> obama campaign responded saying president obama for the last three 1/2 years fought to get the dream act passed and republic opposition made it impossible, in their view, shep? >> shepard: 50 days to go now carl until the election. carl he sa
scheduled one. organizers will parade endeavour down the streets of los angeles new home at the california science center, endeavour logged more than two dozen flights in space over nearly two decades. steve harrigan is in our florida newsroom. what's the biggest challenge from getting this shuttle from california to the museum. >> toughest part of this three day trip might be the final 12 miles. that's going to be on land. 1 0,000-pound shuttle moving through some of the streets of los angeles to its final resting place in the california science center. they have done the logistics on this for some months now. they have tropical depression down a few hundred trees which they will replant. even on the ground the technological hurdles are not over for the endeavour, shepard. >> shepard: once endeavour is in place. where will that leave all the shuttles? >> three more different cities across the u.s. the enterprise is already in new york city. of course, "discovery" is in washington, d.c. the shuttle with the least amount of movement still to go will be atlantis down the road here in florida
by over the golden gate bridge. and back to los angeles. is "endeavour" soaring over the hollywood sign. on studio b the former astronaut and current fox news contributor tom jones commented on the huge crowds that turned out to catch a glimpse. >> it is great to see its career being highlighted here and i think the outpouring of sentiment and people coming out to see "endeavour" shows the depth of interest in space exploration. people are quietly yearning for something to take its place. >> tom jones flew on "endeavour" not once but twice. >>> associated press reports shipping and handling costs for the final tour could total some $28 million. the new owner is said to foot the bill. adam housely in los angeles. went off without a hitch. >> reporter: spoked up patriotism as well. back in 1991 left, california, to replace challenger. as so many people alluded to today, come back home, flying all around california. the pictures that came to us not only on the video feed but across twitter and facebook were stunning as it flew up through the heart of california and cut over to the bay area
in los angeles. i mentioned that play last night, it blew up on twitter. the site reports that the botched call prompted more than a million tweets. hall of fame quarterback terrorist attack among them. these games are a joke. seth myers suggested that, quote, until the regular referees come back issues they should just decide the games based on the opening coin flip. lawmakers from the packers home state of wisconsin were especially perturbed. state senator posted the nfl commissioner's phone number on-line. and governor scott walker tweeted that after catching a few hours of sleep, the packers game is still just as painful. he included the hash tag return the real refs. remember, the governor pushed for a law effectively ending collective bargaining in his state. a spokesman says that the tweet was not meant as a pro-union political statement. meanwhile, we heard from paul ryan, also from wisconsin. listen. >> you guys watch that packer game last night? i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs. >> shep: the president himself weighed in on twitter saying,
or click today. >> harris: wildfire alert now and los angeles fire department is fighting a fast-moving wildfire inside the city limits. we're told the fire has burned a number of acres along the east side of the 405 freeway. you know what? it's the start of rush hour out there. it's got to be backed up like a parking lot center in the hills looking over downtown. that museum is closed as a precaution. updates as we get them. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith tonight deadly assault on the main u.s. marine base in southern afghanistan. defense officials telling us heavily armed militants attacked two connected bases camp leather neck and the british camp bastion. these are file pictures of that base to give you idea. insurgents somehow breached the base perimeter shooting ak 47's. officials say at least two u.s. marines are dead. several more hurt. reports of major damage to buildings and aircraft. this of course coming after the deadly attack in libya. as anti-american protests are spreading across parts of the middle east. but it is too soon to be know if there is actuall
as a reminder of a journey made bay man, a man who now journeys on. >> shep: trace gallagher in los angeles. thanks. a huge move on the part of the fed today. did you see what it did to your 401(k)? the dow went soaring to levels we haven't seen in many years. but will it actually help the economy? context and perspective next. plus forget about a big soda with that tub of popcorn. in new york city, they've officially passed the nation's first ever ban on giant sugary drinks, just how small must they now be? how many doughnuts can we eat? oh, wait, that's not included >> shep: today's big action from the fed, the dow ended up more than 200 points, passing the 13,500 mark for the first time since the start of the resomething. almost five years. the nasdaq up 42 and a ten-year high. the s & p up 23. it came as the fed announced plans to buy up mortgage debt and a lot of it, to the tune of $40 billion a month. it's a move aimed at stimulating the economy and getting folks back to work. you can see wall street's immediate reaction. there will be a spike here at noon. there it goes. it shows the
. nasa reports enterer endeavor will fly to los angeles international airport tomorrow and next month. organize also bring it to a new home at the california science center. updating our top stories, the president said extremist views that anti-islam video as an excuse to attack the u.s. diplomatic post. hillary clinton said she has formed a special board to investigate the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. and libyan officials tell fox news that they are searching for a former guantanamo bay detainee who could be connected to that attack. greg palkot with the news live in tripoli. greg? >> shep, we are committed to finding those who committed the crime. that's the word of a libyan foreign minister to fox in tripoli. talking about the investigation into the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans in benghazi last week. the prime minister say eight nationals were arrested and saying he believed the al-qaeda leaning group could be involved. also been told the word is that the al-qaeda linked militant which fox news has been quoting as sources as saying co
said examine what he's saying now. then there was this, the convention chairman, mayor of los angeles, today came out and suggested that just for trying to turn around the economy, the president deserves even higher marks. take a listen. >> i give him an a for effort. i give him an a for making sure that americans are better off today than they were four years ago. i think he's being humble when he says that. i do believe that we need four more years. >> the obama campaign believes that the president will get high marks from voters for effort considering what he did inherit from the bush administration. on the other hand, they're also going to look at his record and with the $16 trillion in debt you mentioned, 8.3% unemployment, those will be big factors as well. >> shep: yeah, they will. the president says he plans to send the message that he can finish the job if we just give him four more years. >> that's right that. is going to be the key about his speech on thursday night. we all know sort of what led to all of this in terms of the financial crisis. we've already heard the presid
stomach and forced her to rob her own bank. it happened wednesday, not far from downtown los angeles. police say the bank manager told them the gunmen grabbed her outside her home. they strapped on the device, took her to the bank and had her employees throw money to them as they waited outside. >> when the sheriff's deputies got there, they evacuated the bank and remained inside the bank with the bank manager who had strapped to her what appeared to the deputies to be an explosive device the bank manager believed it was explosive device. the patrol deputies stayed with her helping her to remain calm and keeping her in the bank. >> harris: the bomb squad used a robot to detonate the device. there you see it technicians later said it was actually not a real bomb but the gunman got away. investigators are checking to see whether or not this could have been an inside job. trace gallagher live in our west coast news hub now. police have searched that woman's house. they pulled out boxes of potential evidence from the apartment. they are on scene for two hours. interestingly, they also im
that kept going out the window. a captain from the los angeles county sheriff's department said getting it all back is unlikely. updating some of fox top stories tonight. new protests now outside the u.s. embassy in cairo. embassies in at least seven countries are warning of possible anti-american demonstrations. they do not mention any specific threat it all follows the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed the ambassador and three of our staffers. obama administration is looking into weather terrorists planned the strike to mark 11 years since the attacks of 9/11. enough to the u.s. is movie two warships into position off the coast of libya. that news breaking in the last hour and a half. also sending 50 marines to help guard the embassy in tripoli. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt in the newsroom with the latest update. jonathan. >> shep, there is growing consensus among the intelligence community that the attack in libya had little or nothing to do with muslim protest against the anti-islam film produced in the united states and instead had everything to do
: the real refs are at least talking to each other. trace gallagher is live in los angeles. when you look at an organization. if all of the elm employees are bad it's notes employees fault it's the employers fault. get it fixed. >> the nfl players association shep is siding with you they think the referees from this thing appear to be overwhelmed. really overwhelmed. this is a good example of what they are talking about. last year at this time the games this year the games are going 3:14 minutes because of all the mistakes and lengthy reviews. the players association is basically saying we told you so. saying, quote: as we pictured, and explained to you weeks ago the removal of the veteran officials from regular season games have left a group of your assessments capable of keeping pace with the speed of the game. here is analyst mike, listen. >> we're seeing way more time with referees bunched together trying to figure out what the call may be. we are seeing way too much time in terms of them interpreting what the rules may be and outright not even know what the official rules actually a
and three platinum hits. trace gallagher is in our los angeles newsroom this afternoon with a life of an incredible crooner. hello, trace. >> hey, shep, andy williams was once touted he could perform so well for so many years and his answer was that maybe two hours on stage was medicine that everyone should take. well, for him it was a magic eliberationer, this was his 75th year in show biz. >> he began singing with his older brothers. by the time he was 9, they had songs on the radio. a few years after that the brothers left the act. andy struck out on his own. at first struggling, then getting a job on a new program called tonight, starring steve allen. >> the talented young fellow that you are about to meet now by the name of andy williams. >> that led to a record deal and his own show on nbc. [ laughter ] >> the show was a mix of music and comedy, old acts and new. like some brothers that andy discovered from utah named the osmonds ♪ happy holidays happy holidays. >> the andy williams show ran for 90 years. the andy williams christmas specials ran for 30. >> my mother and fat
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)